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All The Systems, Procedures & Skills Needed To Create Your Own High Impact Coaching Company
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The Complete Get Coaching Certified Course

The Get Coaching Certification Course gives you a complete system with hands on Coaching to become a high-impact Coach in 90 days or less.
If you’re just starting out, this Certification Course will give you everything you need to articulate who your dream clients are and how to enroll them into your Coaching programs with no confusion or friction.

If you’re already a Coach, this Certification Course can exponentially increase your ability to generate replicatable results by generating highly targeted leads that want to work with you.

The Get Coaching Certification Course has 6 powerful training modules that are easy to implement with how-to training videos, audio lessons and action guides. With each module, you’ll get a new clarity on who you’re REALLY meant to serve and work with, you'll get the systems, tools and sales funnels for attracting them into your business with simple front end automation and you'll get the confidence to step up and deliver exceptional Coaching calls and programs.

When you link all these systems and procedures together with the intuitive Coaching skills you’ll learn how to use… you have the secret formula for creating the ultimate Coaching company so you can start living the life you’ve been dreaming about.
You’ll have everything you need to start Coaching clients on a full time or part time basis and to create a lifestyle-focused business that has the power to transform the lives of people all over the world.

If deep down you’ve felt that special calling inside to help people... and you’ve always wanted to wake up each day with a schedule full of eager to learn clients... then now is the time to answer your calling and make this dream come true by joining us in this Certification Program.

As you Get Coaching Certified over the next 90 days, we’ll be with you every step of the way on our Weekly Coaching Calls to help you learn and implement Three Essential Sales Processes to attract, convert and work with the dream clients you're meant to serve.

You’ll get the exact systems we use to run our Coaching Businesses and the easiest ways to get your business up and running as fast as possible. Your Coaching Calls for support are LIVE during the week and all the calls are available “On Demand” inside our member area.

If you can’t make it to a LIVE call, no problem. They are all recorded in high-quality and quickly loaded into your members area - giving you 24/7 access to everything in the Get Coaching Certified Course.

With These Three Essential Sales Processes Taught Over 6 Powerful Modules And Weekly Coaching Calls You'll Be Able To Attract, Convert & Work With The Dream Clients You're Meant To Serve

We Guarantee It Or Your Money Back...
You're Getting Over $11,991 Worth Of Drag and Drop, Proven & Pre-Built Sales Funnels To Use In Your Coaching Business
The Gamified Lead-Generation Engagement Process For Building Email Lists
(A $3,997 Value)
See why the gamified quiz converts!
The Automated Evergreen Lead-Generation & Sales Conversion Process
(A $3,997 Value)
Launch any product, program or course!
The Ultimate High Ticket Application Enrollment Sales Process ( With All Scripts) 
(A $3,997 Value)
Target any client at any price!
Here's What Your 6 Certification Modules Will Help You Accomplish: 

Complete With Weekly Coaching Calls, Audios, Videos, Action Guides & Case Studies...

Module 1: Building Your Business Foundation
Set the stage for your business, lay the infrastructure, protect yourself, secure your intellectual property and identify your dream client target market. You will uncover your ideal target market and your most profitable authentic niche to serve in a very unconventional way using our easy to follow business start-up checklists and our signature brand and market discovery process. *** We must disclose that we are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice. 
Module 2: Creating Your Client Attraction & Sales Conversion Systems
Create Your 3 Sales Funnel Processes to generate leads and convert them into repeat clients.
This module is all about putting the systems in place so you can replicate your successes like clockwork while staying out of busy work. Use our ready made sales funnels (websites) and customize them with your personal domain (web address), your content, your message and your product offers. We walk you through creating a rock solid sales process by reverse engineering your ideal products, services and Coaching Packages. You'll also learn how to choose your prices and create your marketing message in a way that attracts the right types of clients into your business and repels the ones that will waste your time.  
Module 3: High Impact Coaching Essentials
Become A Phenomenal High-Skilled Transformational Coach With The Programs To Back It Up.
Learn how to deliver high-value Coaching that's worth the thousands of dollars Clients will invest with you. You will be able to navigate the top 5 most challenging Coaching situations all Coaches encounter with clients. You'll learn the art of asking powerful questions, how to properly hold clients accountable, how to create interactive lesson plans, how to run productive 1-on-1 and group coaching calls that clients look forward to and most importantly... learn how to create sales videos that break the ice, build trust and help people take action on your services. (You will get the templates and step by step lessons for everything!) You will also get our easy Coaching program creation tools and strategy so you can build powerful programs and services that accommodate your ultimate lifestyle-business. As an additional bonus, you'll get our training on how to write compelling "copy" (or sales letter content) that persuades, influences action, gives value and converts sales automatically!
Module 4: How To Attract, Enroll & Register Clients That Are Fun To Work With
We teach you how to master enrollment conversations that lead to high dollar sales. Knowing what to say and when is just as important as knowing when to listen and when to ask more questions. Use our easy templates and enrollment scripts to be prepared for all the different types of Coaching enrollment situations that you could encounter. Become a master at enrollment and sales even if you're shy or scared of sales with our easy audio presentation hack. Yes, we'll show you how you can automate your sales offers and still do very well, but when you can master an enrollment conversation with anyone at any given time in a variety of situations (face to face, from stage or on a webinar) you will be able to fill your schedule with eager clients in a natural authentic way. You will be able to charge higher fees and finally get what you're worth. As a highlighted tool of all high paid Coaches, you will learn our proven method for selling over the phone and even how to create a sales team so you can truly leverage your time and resources. We give you our exact sales process and sales funnel for building an automated high ticket Coaching or Consulting business that you'll definitely want to integrate into your business. 
Module 5: 10X Your Business & Productivity
You can literally create the exact type of Coaching business that fits your lifestyle and business goals while reducing your hours worked in the "office." Learn how to generate automated leads using your social media platforms virtually in less than 10 minutes a day, even without a large following! You will learn the easy way to lead people, leverage your time, manage your resources and outsource the things that cause most Entrepreneurs to fail in their first 2 years. With that, you'll be able to efficiently manage your Coaching business and a support team of 1-4 people to become highly productive and effective as the CEO. This module helps you master your time and your daily schedule by keeping you focused on ONLY INCOME PRODUCING ACTIVITIES. Very few can do this right, but you'll know exactly how what to do and what to avoid. We teach you how to avoid those slippery tasks and chores that can destroy your momentum and passion. If you've ever tried to hire a Virtual Assistant and struggled, you'll be able to follow our simple checklist for finding and hiring exceptional talent on a budget. Because it's different with every Entrepreneur, we'll help you truly understand and discover and take advantage of the things that are in your personal wheelhouse (or genius), so you can focus on only 5 main tasks in your business. Your sales and your free time will 10x with this very powerful training module. This is the module that helps you create the lifestyle you've been wishing for.
Module 6: Launching & Scaling Your Sales
Marketing your brand and putting yourself out there tends to be one of the scariest situations for most Coaches, but don't fear, we're going to show you the tips and tools for getting your offers in front of the right Clients at the perfect time. We share a specific content launch process that eliminates the guesswork and fear of how to get your ideal clients and customers to not only know you exist, but to want to work with you as their trusted Coach! In this module, you'll discover how easy it can be to to blend your marketing message, your social media platforms and your advertising strategies into a simple advertising campaign that converts. Learn how to take your unique marketing message and target those exact people who are eagerly waiting for your help and personal attention. Use our step by step action plans for releasing your marketing content and your advertisements. Our goal with this module is to help you avoid wasting time, losing money and dealing with unnecessary rejection. You'll see how less equals more in the world of internet marketing. 
Commonly Asked Questions...
Can I Bring Someone Else With Me To Take This Class?
Actually yes, as an included bonus when you register on this page, we let you bring a spouse, a family member or a friend into this Certification course for support. Having someone in your life that's going through the same things as you is very powerful and we've found that all the extra support we can give you increases your chances of success dramatically! They will have full access to everything including the members area, the Coaching calls and more.
How Many LIVE Coaching Calls Does the Get Coaching Certified Course Include?
At a minimum, you will be invited to 13 LIVE calls, one every week plus, occasional breakout group conferences that focus on specific topics and tools. In case you miss any of them, each call will be recorded and uploaded into your members area under the "Calls On Demand" tab.
What exactly is a Coaching Certification?
The Get Coaching Certification is a combination of professional credentialing with a working knowledge and proficiency for Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants and Service Providers on how to operate their businesses on the highest level possible. A proven way to Implement the real life business systems and procedures to effectively attract, convert and start working with clients of all types. 
Who is this Certification for?
The Get Coaching Certification is for anyone that has felt a special calling to help other people transform something in their lives, relationships or businesses and for anyone that TRULY wants to make a REAL difference in their lives. It's for people that are Coachable and willing to implement the Coaching business systems that produce results. It's a perfect fit and also 100% applicable to beginners and professionals in the digital business age!
Can I go at my own pace?
Absolutely! You will be given lifelong access to everything in your members area and you will even get updates and bonuses as we release them. Some people stay on our 90 day schedule and some take as much time as their busy life allows them. Either way, you'll end up with the Coaching business you've been looking for
Is there a Guarantee that I'll succeed?
While we can't waive a magic wand over your office and make you a millionaire with a schedule full of clients, we can say that if you implement the training, show up to our Coaching calls, ask questions, go for what you really want and do your best, you can create the Coaching business you really want. One thing to consider before enrolling is to have a clear definition of what success means to you and what exactly it looks like. You can accomplish what you're clear on and "in action" with. It's also recommended to read our earnings disclaimer before proceeding.
Our 30 Day
100% Satisfaction

We want you to move forward in complete confidence and know that our hands on Coaching, all 6 training modules and the drag-and-drop sales funnels we give you will help you create your ultimate Coaching business.
And to set your mind at ease, you're getting a 100% complete satisfaction guarantee to ensure your success with everything we have in store for you...

Here's our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: If you participate fully in the Get Coaching Certified program, complete the online training modules, do your homework and aren’t completely satisfied by your results after 30 days, just send us your homework and your exercises, so we know you went through the program, and we will happily refund your entire tuition and give you all your money back.

Why would we let you go through the entire Coaching Certification program with no risk at all?

Well, because, successful Coaching businesses are built on systems and procedures like the ones you'll be getting and applying to your own dream business.

If you complete everything in this certification program and follow what we have set up for you, you'll get the results you're looking for. We're that confident.

We believe you deserve the best training and tools that have been working for hundreds of successful Coaches!
You can completely test this program for 30 days at no risk to you at all... guaranteed!

We couldn't think of a better way to help you succeed.

Here's Everything Your Tuition Gets You
 13 Weekly Coaching Calls --- A $5,000 Value
 The Gamify Lead Generation Sales Funnel --- A $3,997 Value
 The Automated Product Launch Sales Funnel --- A $3,997 Value
 The Ultimate High-Ticket Application Sales Funnel --- A $3,997 Value
 The 26 Business Start Up Steps To Success --- A $497 Value
 Branding & Positioning For Your Ideal Client --- A $497 Value
 The Client Attraction Blueprint Training --- A $997 Value
 Creating Your Sales Funnel Process --- A $997 Value
 The Story Creation Blueprint --- A $497 Value
 Context 2.0 Winning Through Leadership Mastery --- A $497 Value
 How To Create Your Coaching Program --- A $997 Value
 The Confidence Code - Becoming A Phenomenal Coach --- A $497 Value
 The Ultimate Sales Script Ever Created --- A $997 Value
 High Ticket Application Questionnaire --- A $497 Value
 The Discovery Session Phone Script --- A $1,997 Value
 The Reverse Elevator Pitch Script --- A $497 Value
 LinkedIn Lead Hacker PRO --- A $497 Value
 Facebook Money Messenger PRO --- A $497 Value
 10X Your Business Productivity Guide To Outsourcing --- A $497 Value
 Top Dollar Clients Social Media Formula --- A $497 Value
 The Ultimate Advertising Campaign SM Posting Formula --- A $497 Value
Your Total Course Value of $28,940
Plus... These Bonuses Below!
 How to Run Facebook Conversion Ads --- A $997 Bonus Value
 High Ticket Sales Training Mentality Audio Series for creating more time and money with group coaching programs --- A $997 Bonus Value
 Your Ultimate Goals (Extended) Program --- A $997 Bonus Value 
 Have A Spouse Of Family Member Join You For FREE --- A $3,997 Bonus Value
Your Total Value With Bonuses $35,928
You Get Everything You Need
Only $3,997
Or Four Easy Payments of $1,100
Your Complete 90 Day Certification Program With LIVE Weekly Coaching, 6 Audio & Video Training Modules And Action Guides!

Learn how simple it can be to create the Coaching, Consulting or Service Provider business of your dreams while working with the best clients you could imagine!

  • Excel beyond your previous goals regardless of your education or background...
  • Implement the systems, procedures and business models needed in today's competitive Coaching environment...
  • Get all the Coaching templates, the sales funnels (websites) and the support to attract any client into your business and to convert them into raving lifelong fans and friends...
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